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The Beauty Mix - Thermomix Beauty Products

The Beauty Mix - Thermomix Beauty Products


Just arrived, be one of the first in the UK and Europe to have this book in your collection.

Not everyone knows that besides whipping up perfect pastries, beautiful breads, soulful sorbets and a limitless smorgasbord of other delicatable recipes, the Thermomix is also a master at making skincare products.  

With this book and your trusty Thermomix, you can create quality products from scratch. Before you know it, you will be creating luxurious bath products (that also make wondeful gifts); beautiful face and body products made with safe ingredients; natural and nice hair products; affordable and effective medicinal products that will safe you a fortune at the pharmacy. 

The Beauty Mix will show you how simply you can create wholesome, quality personal care products for you, your friends and your family.


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