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Tenina's Thermomix Cookbook Bundle - The Trilogy

Tenina's Thermomix Cookbook Bundle - The Trilogy


New to Thermomix? Or new to Tenina’s recipes? Well here are the only 3 cookbooks you’ll ever need to become your own best friend in the your family will love you too!

SAVE £5 by buying 3 together.

Keeping it Simple

For Foods Sake

The Convenient Vegetarian

From the very beginnings of Tenina’s foodie cookbook journey, to her most recent vegetarian venture, here is the bundle, the trifecta of cookbooks, the collectors editions, all signed by the Thermomixtress herself in one great pack of three.

Get ‘em now, while they’re hot. The Convenient Vegetarian cookbook has been long awaited by all, so wait no more and get it with this amazing pack of 3 hard covered cookbooks.


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