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For Food's Sake - Cookbook by Tenina Holder

For Food's Sake - Cookbook by Tenina Holder


Tenina, former head of recipe development at Thermomix in Australia and star of Cooking with Tenina, is well known to Thermomix users who have long been inspired by her innovative recipes.

Tenina has brought together some of her own favourite recipes and those most requested by her followers, for her first book. The result is a stunning collection of Australian-styled, globally-inspired recipes, from basic pantry essentials through to decadent desserts. A special inclusion is the Vanilla Thriller Slice, inspired by Adriano Zumbo.

With her qualified, tried and proven approach, her recipes will expand the boundaries of everyday cooking with a Thermomix.

These recipes are compatible with the TM21, TM31 and TM5.

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