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What's the first thing you should make in your Thermomix?

This is a great question and there are so many choices it's hard to know where to start.

The simple answer is to start simple.  I would recommend a soup (carrot and coriander or mushroom are my favourites), some bread (my latest is flat breads), try a cake, some jam or lemon curd a curry and a layered meal.  

I suggest to all new my new customers to ensure they make the vegetable stock paste in their first week.  This recipe is in The Basic Cookbook for the TM5 and it's also in the Fast & Easy Cookbook that came with the TM31.

I suggest this as it took me two years to get around to making my own stock paste and I wish I had made it in the first week.  I now ensure it's a staple item in my fridge at all times.  No more stock cube purchases any more and its truly delicious.  Think a pile of fresh vegetables, 2-3 types of fresh herbs and a good sea salt and voila - stock paste.

So start with a nice variety of dishes but definitely don't forget to make the stock paste!

Happy Cooking!



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