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Thermomix TM5 Cook Key UK - What is all the fuss about?

It's now a couple of months since the Thermomix Cook Key was launched in the United Kingdom and I am loving it.  It has taken Thermomix cooking and enjoying of owning a TM5 to a new level.  I am a Thermomix Team Leader in Chiswick West London and also I am passionate about Thermomix cooking.

I have used the key now for a few weeks and after a couple of initial tweaks to get it going, it's now become something I use daily.  I can access thousands of recipes, not only from the UK, but also from Australia and the USA (english) and I also found that if you open another country, say France, Spain, Italy etc in Cookidoo via Google Chrome, you can press "translate" and the recipe translates.  This means we really do have access to the approximate 26,000 recipes available through our Cookidoo website.

So what is it and how do you use it?

1.  It's a recipe storage device that is updated via wifi from your cookidoo platform.

2. Pop it on the side of your Thermomix, where the recipe chips usually go, it will first automatically update your software and then you input your wifi code to connect to your wifi

3.  Go to the Cookidoo platform either via your tablet, or laptop or iPhone.  I prefer using a laptop or tablet as I find the phone screens a bit too small. Add in any recipes you would like to transfer to your Cook Key by adding to your "Favourites".  You can add single recipes, collections or recipe collections (i.e. whole recipe books in one go).

4.  Go to your TM5 and press the sync icon.  It's two curved arrows that newly appears on your screen once you have updated your software.

The key holds approximately 5,000 recipes so you can, keep growing your collection, or take collections off by taking off favourites.

New collections are released worldwide each week.  I am particularly loving having access to the Australian site (yes I am Australian) but I particularly love the gluten free cookbook.  

Price:  In the UK the Cook Key is £85.  You can order online from Thermomix UK's website, or give them a call.  This is an initial 6 month discounted price until 6 March 2018 when the price will increase to £109.00

What do you get:

When you first buy your Cook Key and register it on Cookidoo.  You get 6 months free subscription to everything on Cookidoo.  After that if you wish to continue your subscription its £30/ year in the UK.  Given that one book can cost £30, this is fantastic value.

Would I recommend it:  Well - yes absolutely!  As long as you have wifi, its really worth it.

Support:  Your own Thermomix Advisor can help you with any issues you may have.  There is a help facility on Cookidoo as well and there are numerous very helpful you tube videos that show the steps to set up your Cook Key.

Does this replace books?  For me no as I love flicking through a recipe book for inspiration.  But I love that there are more recipes available than I have in all my books put together and I can search and find something on the screen.  My kids love it too, for example we wanted to make some salted caramel and I wasn't sure if I had a recipe for it, and voila - we quickly found it on the cook key as I have already downloaded many collections via cookidoo.

I actually stock Australian Thermomix cookbooks right here in the UK.  I have Tenina's books, Alyce Alexandra's and many more and sell them via my website shop.   So you can tell I love books as I imported them, and ThermoServers to allow more fellow Thermomixers the chance to purchase without high postal costs.  I will still buy books, but I will do much more with guided cooking than ever before, it really is the bees knees.

As I keep saying - I am loving the Cook Key!  I hope you do too!

Happy Cooking...



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