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Thermomix Black Friday Offer UK

Thermomix have today announced a Black Friday offer.  When ordering a Thermomix either Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday 27th November, you will receive 4 Hardcover Cookbooks FREE, value is £91.00

On top of that, for my own customers I will be adding a Cleaning Kit (cleaning brush and euro scrubby) valued at £9.95 to take the FREE bundle amount to just over £100.

The Connected Thermomix (I.e. including a Cook Key) is £1,049

The TM5 (without Cook Key) is £964.

This is a great offer and just think how handy it will be to have your Thermomix in your kitchen before Christmas.  You will be able to do loads of Christmas cooking, and product a wealth of Christmas gifts with it.

I'm already planning making, ginger biscuits, fudge, chocolate truffles, Bailey's type liqueur, cranberry sauce, mince pies, shortbreads and more.  Teacher's gifts sorted!

Christmas morning it will make our family recipe for a fresh strawberry champagne cocktail followed by eggs florentine with smoked salmon, it makes the best hands free hollandaise ever!





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