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What should I do before buying a Vitamix?

Thermomix UK

Question: What should I do before buying a Vitamix?
Answer: See a free Thermomix Demonstration!

Vitamix vs Thermomix
So you have heard about Vitamix and been told it will change your life? Or maybe you've seen a 5-minute demonstration in your favourite department store? I agree its a fantastic blender, but before taking the plunge to spend £500+ on a Vitamix I encourage you to first take a look at Thermomix and see if it might be better suited to your cooking style and your plans for healthy food preparation.

Vitamix is a fantastic blender... but that’s all it is...

A Thermomix is a high quality blender AND a complete cooking and steaming appliance.  It replaces approximately 12 appliances in an average kitchen and will save you a lot of money on cooking from scratch.

Thermomix is the perfect tool for raw foodies, making delicious chopped salads in 2 seconds, raw chocolate, raw soups kept within the all important temperature range, dairy free, sugar free desserts and many full raw recipes, its also an appliance which can blend extremely fast for smooth soups and smoothies, whisk egg whites and also cook you a complete meal.

It can also be very gentle in reverse mode and cook risotto, curries, stews and vegetable dishes, using the back of the blades to slowly stir whilst cooking. It also makes flour and you can use the kneading function to make beautiful doughs for pasta, bread and pastries.

The list is endless... simply Google it and you will find literally thousands of recipes for Thermomix out there, in various languages.

Thermomix is a quality German appliance that's been around over 46 years. The latest model launched in September 2014 is the TM5 and incorporates a touch screen display and has interchangeable recipe chips which attach to the side so you can follow each recipe on screen, with step-by-step prompts. Or simply use your own recipes or choose something from the many lovely cookbooks available.

As a Thermomix enthusiast I show the wonderful Thermomix in a 2-hour full demonstration showing all its functions, including tastings so you can really see if this is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me to book a space at one of my small group demonstrations in Chiswick, or let me know if you'd prefer to host a few friends for a demo at your own home. As a special gift to you if you Host, we are currently offering a voucher of £35 off the purchase of your TM5 [conditions apply].

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