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Fabulous Host Gifts for May 2015

A gift from Thermomix AND a gift from me!

If you already have a Thermomix and have seen a demo yourself, why would (or should) you host one? Well, In my experience, hosts are certain to pick up some extra helpful tips and techniques; friends will thank you for introducing them to Thermomix; you will be inspired and motivated to use your Thermomix even more (if that’s possible). It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and have them answered by your Advisor. Lastly you will receive a lovely thank you gift for helping us spread the word…

I strongly recommend to all my customers to host a demonstration at least once a year and get all the benefits above.
SPECIAL OFFER: For bookings up until 15th May 2015 I will be giving the host an EXTRA surprise gift personally from me.
Contact me for more information… 

Choose from the following host gifts for May 2015:

Thermomix host gifts May 2015

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