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Thermomix Demonstrations in London, UK - How to Buy a Thermomix

Thermomix is the super-fast food processor that weighs, cooks, simmers, steams and so much more!

Although I can sell you a Thermomix without a demonstration, we really do believe you will get the most our of your investment by seeing a Thermomix Demonstration, before or soon after you purchase.  
Thermomix allows you to prepare and cook delicious and healthy meals for you and your family. It’s the most incredible time saver as most of the cooking is hands free, so you can be working, reading or supervising children etc, without having to have an eye on whats cooking in the kitchen. Preparation time is cut from minutes to seconds and cooking is gentle, ensuring the flavours, vitamins and minerals are locked into each delicious mouthful. With a Thermomix in the kitchen, you can see and taste the difference in the foods you prepare. As well as cooking complete meals, Thermomix should be better known for its Raw Foods abilities, a delicious chopped salad in 2 seconds – amazing, raw soups, and home made rice or almond milks, the list is endless.
When it comes to Thermomix seeing really is believing! See how this revolutionary machine can add a new dimension to your kitchen by booking a Thermomix Demonstration. During the demonstration, you will be taken through all the functions of the amazing Thermomix whilst doing 4 recipes and tasting everything, all in the space of two hours. The objective of the demonstration is to introduce you fully to the functionality of the Thermomix.
Thermomix demonstrations London
FREE Thermomix Demonstrations - Duration 2.5 hours
Minimum per class is 2 Max 6 (bring a friend and secure any date) Email me on or text on 07808 065 808 to book:
Wednesday 25th May 2016 10am
Thursday 26th May 7pm
Saturday 21st May 9am
Saturday 28th May 9.30am
Wednesday 1st June 10.30am
Saturday 4th June 9.30am

Cooking Classes:

Our next free cooking class for new TM5 owners is on Friday 1st July 2016. This is a closed event by invitation to new owners.  I will also be holding a seasonal class soon so please check back here regularly as I will include a link once the event is live.